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How to preserve biodiversity in the municipality of Tori?

Come learn and get involved!

From January, the project “Elurikas Tori vald” gained more momentum, which brings important trainings about climate change and biodiversity to the residents of the municipality. In addition, several public flower meadows will be created and a green area will be developed near the Sind Rapids


The Tori Municipality’s green initiative started in 2022 when we joined the prestigious Green Tiger Academy. A whole year of learning and goal-setting led to a number of environmental projects that are important for our municipality, one of which is the community-engaging project “A Biodiverse Tori Municipality”. Through this series of training courses, we want to learn together with the community and find biodiversity solutions that are right for our municipality. In the spring, if the weather is good, we plan to create pilot flower meadows in Tori, Jõesuu, Sauga and Are together with local communities.

Why is biodiversity important?

Increasing biodiversity is necessary to mitigate the effects of climate change and reduce the loss of species and their habitats. Both are important in the context of global warming and coping with it. Increasing biodiversity will also help to improve the quality of the environment that people experience both mentally and physically. Who among us would not want to live in an environment where we feel good and where we are recharged and inspired as human beings?

Increasing biodiversity offers us a more diverse environment. This, in turn, creates better conditions for plants, fungi, insects, birds and animals, for example, to live, feed and reproduce.

With this project, we can reduce one of the most important problems in today’s densely populated areas – heat islands. Through this project, we will demonstrate alternatives that we can use to prevent the increase in the amount of public space in the municipality that is mown and to ensure that mowing is more thoughtful.

Take part in a series of practical training courses and learn together from the best in the field.

The basic idea of the “Elurikas Tori vald” project is joint learning and finding solutions to preserve the richness of life in Tori municipality together with our people. To this end, we are conducting a four-part series of free trainings to which all community members who are interested in the environment (you do not have to be a resident of Tor municipality) and who wish to develop their knowledge in this area are welcome. The trainers are the best experts in their field in Estonia, so it is definitely worth finding this time and planning it in your calendar now.

The free training course consists of five different training sessions, which will take place in Are, Sauga, Tori and Sindi. We believe that everyone will find a time that suits them. The trainings are pre-registered and those who participate in the first four trainings will receive a practical gift related to biodiversity.

Let's create flower meadows together

In the spring, after the training course, we will create flower gardens together with community members in the centres of Sauga, Are, Tori and Jõesuu. Their aim is not just to provide a visual attraction, but to introduce local people to the necessity, beauty and possibilities of naturally biodiverse communities. We are trying to reduce the areas in our municipality that have become species-poor as a result of intensive mowing, by providing an opportunity for biodiversity (allowing plants, that do not tolerate low level mowing, to thrive) and by allowing plants to flower and seeds to ripen.

By encouraging flowering, we will also contribute to increasing the abundance of pollinators, which are important in the natural food chain. We are also leaving nature the opportunity to regenerate itself. We will also leave an unmowed patch of lawn next to each planted flower meadow so that we can compare their development and evolution.

A riverside green area will be created along the site.

An important part of the “Biodiverse Tori Municipality” project is the development of the Sindi riverside area and the creation of a biodiverse recreational area. We want to create an opportunity to enjoy nature, be in the green with family and friends and at the same time introduce and develop green thinking in a historic industrial town.

At the end of the Kalamaja Road, by the Pärnu River, where a gravel-covered square is located, we have planned a lovely, species-rich recreation area. We will create a multi-species green area, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by nature, the proximity of the river and the city centre, and enhancing the attractiveness of the site.

In order to coexist with nature we need to preserve and value nature. Come and let’s learn together how best to do this in the municipality of Tori!

The future green area by the Sind Rapids. Illustration: architecture firm Molumba

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The project was born in cooperation with:

The project “Creation of pilot areas for nature-based solutions to increase biodiversity in the municipality of Tori” (in short “Biodiverse Municipality of Tori”) is supported by the Environmental Investment Centre through the Climate Change Adaptation Measure. The support is funded by the European Economic Area.

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